Atlanta isn’t known for cold winters. However, the January low averages 33 degrees, which is cold enough to need a functioning heating system in the home. When a homeowner needs help with this service, they often turn to Allied Refrigeration, Heat & Air for assistance.

Our team is ready to help customers with all their heating needs, regardless of the type of system they own. The techs work on furnaces, heat pumps, and other types of systems. In addition, they help customers in need of thermostat replacement, carbon monoxide detectors, and more. All a customer needs to do is ask. When might a customer choose to call us?

Installation, Maintenance, and Repair of Heating Systems 

Homeowners are often overwhelmed when they need HEATING REPAIR AND SERVICE IN ATLANTA. They don’t know which company to call if their regular repair team isn’t available for some reason. They need someone that can help right away. In this situation, give us a call. We will be happy to help. 

If a new unit is needed, the homeowner must ensure the right system is selected. With many options available today, they want a technician to guide them through the process of choosing.

Our team will help them make this choice based on the size of the home and other factors. They are experts in heating installation, so don’t hesitate to ask questions. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and part of that is ensuring you are comfortable with the system we recommend. 

Systems must be maintained once they are installed, and our team can help with this. No homeowner wants their system to break down when it is cold outside, but heating units always seem to fail on the coldest night of the year. 

When our technician comes out to handle a heating service, they examine every component of the system. Doing so ensures they can identify any potential problems early before they lead to a system breakdown. Have the system maintained early in the season to ensure it works when needed. 

If a repair is needed, the technician will complete the work. The homeowner will feel confident knowing the repairs were done right and their system is operating as it should. In the event a repair won’t resolve the problem, the technician provides information as to why and make recommendations for a new system. 

Furnace Services

Many homeowners use a furnace to heat their residence. Although this appliance may not see much use, the time may come when a furnace repair is needed. Reach out to us for help with this repair.

Our team can fix any problem that arises with a furnace. The issue may be as simple as a dirty filter or the unit could be leaking gas, which is dangerous. Other problems include the furnace making noise or inadequate heating.

The best way to prevent these problems is to have regular tune-ups. These tune-ups help to catch problems early before a malfunctioning part can do damage to other components within the system. In addition, regular tune-ups may be needed to protect the manufacturer’s warranty.

Additional Services

Regardless of what type of system a homeowner owns, they need to know the temperature in the house. If the thermostat malfunctions, always check the battery first. If that isn’t the issue, call us. We’ll be happy to come out, diagnose the problem, and make the necessary repairs.

In addition, if the homeowner wishes to upgrade to a programmable or smart home thermostat, our team is happy to help. We take on jobs, big and small, to meet the needs of our customers.

Homes benefit from carbon monoxide detectors. This invisible gas can make a person ill and even lead to death. The carbon monoxide detector alerts residents of the home to high levels of this gas so they can leave the home safely.

Once the home has been evacuated, call us for help. We will determine what is leading to the high levels of carbon monoxide in the home and make the necessary repairs. We want our customers to be safe, and a carbon monoxide detector helps to achieve this goal.

Every home needs heat because a person can never know when a cold snap will hit. Texans learned this the hard way. Anyone in need of help with their heating system should give us a call. Our team is ready to assist in any way.

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