Service Areas

If you live in or near the metropolitan Atlanta area, do you know who to contact if your heater or air conditioner stops working? The team at Allied provides routine and emergency HVAC services to homeowners in the metropolitan Atlanta area, Lithia Springs, Peachtree City, South Fulton, and other nearby areas. Whether you’re dealing with a minor issue or a major problem, we can help. Use our online form to request additional information or call today to schedule service.

Metropolitan Atlanta Area

Allied Refrigeration, Heat, and Air Service is committed to offering Atlanta’s homeowners the area’s most exceptional air conditioning repair services. Summers in Georgia’s capital are typically humid and hot, and when ACs don’t work properly, the situation can quickly get sticky. Our locally owned company is committed to doing the job right the first time, and we want to be your first call when things go wrong with your air conditioner. When it’s time for scheduled maintenance or an emergency repair, get in touch with us.

Lithia Springs

We’ve been installing, replacing, repairing, and servicing HVAC systems in the Lithia Springs area for several years. Our technicians are trained and fully equipped with all the tools and supplies needed to do the job right the first time, and we work from several HVAC service locations. We service all makes and models of heat pumps, furnaces, air conditioners, and residential heating and cooling equipment, so you can schedule an appointment with confidence. We offer services such as:

  • Repairs
  • Installation
  • Tune-ups
  • System maintenance
  • Ductless mini split system installation

Our entire team looks forward to giving you the quality service your family deserves, whether it’s a small issue or a system-wide problem. Get in touch with us today!

Peachtree City

Allied provides high-quality heating and air conditioning services to Peachtree City’s homeowners. We’re committed to your comfort and the highest standards in HVAC maintenance, installation, service, and repair. Whether you’re servicing a central AC unit, heat pump, mini-split system, or rooftop unit, our factory-trained team members offer the expert service needed to get systems running and keep them in peak condition.


When Palmetto’s homeowners work with Allied, they get the best possible customer service. We’ve provided the people of Palmetto with the area’s highest quality HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation services for years, providing dependable comfort and fast, easy assistance.

We’re committed to building lasting relationships with every one of our customers, and we strive to provide a hassle-free service experience. Contact us today to learn about our competitive pricing and repair options.

South Fulton

Home HVAC systems give a few telltale signs that they need repair. Loud noises, inconsistent function, and high utility bills all point to the need for service. To keep your system in working condition, consult the owner’s manual and learn its service requirements.

Old age is another reason for HVAC system failure. An aging system is more likely to fail, and if you’re routinely paying for emergency service, it may make sense to schedule an appointment with one of our HVAC service locations.

Why Local Homeowners Choose Us for Heating and Air Conditioning Service and Repairs

There’s never a convenient time for a home HVAC system to stop working, and when problems arise, homeowners need professionals they can trust. The team at Allied is proud to offer several HVAC repair locations throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area, including Lithia Springs, Peachtree City, Palmetto, and South Fulton. If you need help fast, we offer it—and we’re here to help your family and home stay comfortable.

Once we get to your home, we’ll start working right away. First, we’ll diagnose the issue, and then, we’ll recommend cost-effective, yet reliable solutions. Along with our 24/7 emergency services, we offer scheduled appointments on most days of the week. We work around your schedule, and we’re here when it’s convenient for you.

Need HVAC Help? Give Us a Call Today

The team at Allied Refrigeration, Heat, and Air Service isn’t just here to meet your expectations; we want to exceed them. Since we opened, we’ve been one of the Atlanta area’s leading HVAC repair companies. Every job is done by trained, knowledgeable experts, and all our technicians strive to answer customers’ questions and address their concerns in a timely manner.

Whether the heating and cooling problem you’re dealing with is large or small, we can take care of them all. Call to request emergency service, learn more about our services online, or get in touch with us to schedule routine maintenance. We’re here to serve the metropolitan Atlanta area’s homeowners with several residential/commercial repair locations, and we look forward to helping you soon.